[⚔️] Sword Fighters Simulator

Script Credit :- RIP#6666

 [+] Auto Click
    [+] Auto Ascend
    [+] Auto Upgrade
    [+] Auto Buy Areas
    [+] Auto Forge
    [+] Auto Equip Best Melee
    [+] Auto Equip Best Pets
    [+] Teleport to Traveling Merchant
  [v] Collect
    [+] Redeem Twitter Codes
    [+] Claim All Chests/Tickets
    [+] Auto Collect Pickups
    [+] Auto Quest
  [v] Kill
    [+] Kill Current Quest Mob
    [+] Loop Kill Specific Mob
    [+] Auto Dungeon
    [+] Kill Aura
    [+] Kill All
  [v] Pets
    [+] Shiny Pet
  [v] Miscellaneous
    [+] Hide Player Name
    [+] Free Auto Swing Toggle
    [+] Make All Pets Secret (Visual Only)

--BROUGHT TO YOU BY RobloxScripter.com!--


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