Anime Fighting Simulator TOURNAMENT AFK SCRIPT


  • Features:

    • When Voting appears, it will automatically vote for Juggernaut
    • When leaving the Spawn point, it will TP you back
    • DEV NOTES:
    • Since Juggernaut is pretty “cheesable” where everyone gets Competitive Points, it’s the main reason why that one gets voted.
    • I have it where it auto votes for Juggernaut because I saw after a bit of AFK no matter which game mode is chosen, you do not earn Competitive Points.
    • Doing this at least lets the server know you’re still “there” and as far as I seen I still get Points as long as it comes to Juggernaut.
    • I have it where it TPs you back because you can survive, no one can attack you, when it comes to juggernaut, if you’re not juggernaut, you’ll be safe and he cant kill you. Whereas if you are Juggernaut, you die just to speed things up.
    • You press 8 on your Keypad (not the hotbar) to turn on the Safe TP.
    • Pressing 9 will “shutdown” it will not be usable unless you re-execute it.


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