Arcane Odyssey | Auto Fish

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Script Credit :- Xerocas

Auto Fish


local localPlayer = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer local character = localPlayer.Character local RS = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").RS local misc = RS.Remotes.Misc local fishState = misc.FishState local fishClock = misc.FishClock local toolAction = misc.ToolAction local function GetRod(rod) for i,v in ipairs(localPlayer:WaitForChild("Backpack"):GetChildren()) do if v:IsA("Tool") and string.match(v.Name, rod) then return v end end for i,v in ipairs(character:GetChildren()) do if v:IsA("Tool") and string.match(v.Name, rod) then return v end end en shared.AutoFish = false -- toggle autofish while true do local rod = GetRod("Wooden Rod") -- rod that you want to use if not shared.AutoFish then fishState:FireServer("StopClock") break end -- silent fishing (don't have to hold rod) if not character:FindFirstChild("FishClock") then fishClock:FireServer(rod, nil,, 400, 700)) elseif character:FindFirstChild("FishBiteGoal") then fishState:FireServer("Reel") end --[[ replace code with this if you want legit mode (have to hold the rod to use) if not character:FindFirstChild("FishClock") then toolAction:FireServer(rod) task.wait(3.5) elseif character:FindFirstChild("FishBiteGoal") then toolAction:FireServer(rod) end ]]-- task.wait() end

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