Arcane Odyssey: VETEX VORER (God, OneShot, KillPlayers, Crash, Crate Farm)

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Script Credit :- Denosaur / Aidez#9632

    - Crate Farm: Farm Crates (Use with caution, since the game bans you if you level too fast. If you have over 3.5 hours you're safe.)
    - Rock Farm: Rapidly destroys rock spawns to gain a copious amount of rock salt and gems. (It's so stupid but it gives so much money)
    - Auto-Fish: Automatically reel in and recast fishing line

    - God-Mode: Invulnerability to NPC attacks.
    - Damage-Multiplier: Multiply outgoing damage (Depending on the attack and the attack type, this'll either one shot or make your move do more damage.)
    - Less Weapon Cooldowns: Lowers the cooldown on M1 attacks for weapons.
    - Kill-Aura: Kills / Attacks enemies that're close to you. (Requires at least 1 melee weapon to be equipped. Though it doesn't need to be held.)
    - NPCs Don't Attack: Enemies don't attack you. Must be your charming smile!

    - Water Walk: Walking, but on water.
    - Boat Speed Multiplier: Multiplies your boat's sailing speed.

    - Crash Server: Crashes the server. (Takes like 5 minutes) (Requires 200+ bounty and level 50+)
    - Kill Player: Kill a player. Truly evil.
    - Loopkill Player: Loopkill a Player. Unforgivable.

    - Break Cuffs: Breaks your cuffs so you can do actions after being arrested. (Doesn't make you escape, just lets you do stuff while arrested)
    - Refresh Character: Respawns you and teleports you back to your current location. (Doesn't count as a death, and shouldn't lose any galleons or bounty.)



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