Blending Simulator 2 Presents auto farm

Script Credit :- Rob123

Presents auto farm


-- Set enabled to true to turn the script on, or false to turn it off local enabled = true -- Create a Heartbeat connection to the game's run service local heartbeat = game:GetService("RunService").Heartbeat -- Define a function to handle each heartbeat event local function onHeartbeat(dt) -- Loop through all children of the "Areas" folder in the Workspace for _,v in ipairs(game:GetService("Workspace").Areas:GetChildren()) do -- Loop through all children of each "Area" folder for _,child in ipairs(v:GetChildren()) do -- If the child is named "Present_Drop", move it to the player's character if child.Name == "Present_Drop" then child.PrimaryPart.CFrame = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame*,0,0) end end end -- If enabled is false, disconnect the Heartbeat event and exit the function if not enabled then heartbeat:Disconnect() return end end -- Connect the onHeartbeat function to the Heartbeat event heartbeat:Connect(onHeartbeat)

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