Bubble Gum Clicker Script

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Script Credit :- !vma#5507

Features [
 Farming [
   Auto Blow Bubble,
   Auto Spin Wheel,
   Auto Claim Gifts,
   Auto Claim Chests,
   Auto Claim Season Pass,
   Auto Sell Bubbles, Delay,
   Farming Speed
   Farm Gems
   Farm Coins
   Farm Pearls
   Farm XP Orbs

 St Patricks [
   Auto Farm Rainbows
   Auto Claim Challanges
   Auto Spin Wheel
 Eggs = [
   Select Egg
   (Can afford check, hatch amount check)
   Teleport to Egg
   Auto Open Egg
   Refresh Egg List
   Equip Best
 Misc [
   Optimise Game
   Transparent Map
   Auto Boosts

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loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/therealbinary/BinaryMain/main/init.lua", true))()

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