Every Second You Get +1 Health

Script Credit :- 0xMystic

Every Second You Get +1 Health [Auto Wins + Rebirth]

--BROUGHT TO YOU BY RobloxScripter.com!--

--Variables to make it easier for ppl to understand Wins = game.Workspace.Wins.Bridge Chara = Game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character Plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer basepart = Chara:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("BasePart") --Script getgenv().Farm = true while getgenv().Farm == true do task.wait() pcall(function() --Because I am lazy and don't wanna spend time optimizing firetouchinterest(Wins,basepart,0) --This gets you the ez dubz task.wait(.2) firetouchinterest(Wins,basepart,1) game.ReplicatedStorage.RebirthEvent:FireServer() --Rebirth remote end) end

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