Script Credit :- Davy#1374

Animatronic ESP (This doesn't work on basement hunt | ESP for fnaf 2 works, you just need to wait until the animatronics start moving. | Works normal for the rest of the FNAFs)

Animatronics Don't Affect you (Basically godmode. For FNAF 1, it works best if you are janitor as the animatronics attack when there is no one in the office. | Works fine for the other FNAFs)

TP to office (Tps you to your office | Works for all FNAFs) 

Fullbright (fullbright)

Infinite sprint (Basement Hunt) 

Esp for levers (Basement Hunt)

Autowind Music Box (Winds it for you | Fnaf 2)

Detect Nightmare Foxy (Sends a notification telling you if nightmare foxy has appeared/disappeared in your close | FNAF 4)

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