framed BETTER target esp

Script Credit :- zoophiliaphobic#6287

equip target tool and u get the esp


local LocalPlayer = game.Players.LocalPlayer local function Targettify(character) if not game.CoreGui:FindFirstChild(character.Name) then local a ="Highlight") a.Name = character.Name a.Parent = game:GetService("CoreGui") a.Adornee = character a.DepthMode = Emum.HighlightDepthMode.AlwaysOnTop a.FillTransparency = 1 a.OutlineColor = Color.fromRGB(255,60,60) character.Humanoid.Died:Connect(function() a:Destroy() end) end end LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.ChildAdded:Connect(function(child) if child.Name == LocalPlayer.Name .. "TargetScreen" then task.wait(0.1) local TargetFace = tostring(child:WaitForChild("FaceFrame"):WaitForChild("SingleTarget").Image) for i,v in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do if v.Character and v.Character:FindFirstChild("Head") and v.Character.Head:FindFirstChild("face") then if TargetFace == v.Character.Head.face.Texture then Targettify(v.Character) end end end end end)

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