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Pet Manager
Auto Pet-Farm - Automatically farms the selected pets with a wide range of customization options.
Auto Egg - Automatically farms all your eggs for easy and convenient collection.
Auto Farm Whitelisted - Automatically farms whitelisted pets and eggs in your inventory.
Money Manager
Item Buyer - Allows you to remotely purchase items in the game, whether you need one or many.
Inventory Manager
Pet Counter - Keeps track of all your pets and shows you how many of each pet you have, with value calculation coming soon.
Area Manager
Teleportation - Gives you the ability to teleport to almost every location in the map, including houses.
Player Manager
Local Player: Includes a variety of local player options for added convenience.
Trades Manager
Send Trade - Enables you to send trades remotely, away from the player.
Quick Accept - Allows you to accept trades without having to wait for the 10-second cooldown.
Trade Whitelisted Pets - Allows you to trade all your whitelisted pets to a specified account, making it easy for sellers.
Help Manager
Instant Tutorial - Instantly completes the adopt me tutorial on new accounts, saving you time and effort.
Instant Security Badge - Gives you the security badge instantly.


_G.mendoptMeKey = "test123" -- _G.autoSettings = {} -- ENABLE ONLY ONE AT A TIME, OPTIONS: eggAuto, allPetAuto _G.whitelistedPetsConf = {} -- PUT A LIST OF PET IDS IN "" SEPERATED BY A COMMA, _G.whitelistedPetsConf = {"blue_dog","pink_cat"} loadstring(game:HttpGet(''))()

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