Mergers GUI | Auto Merge/Click/Rebirth | Auto Easy/Hard Obby | Auto Buy

Script Credit :- A Random Noob

Auto Merge: Automatically merges blocks for you. - If auto merge does nothing when you enable it, simply merge a block yourself as this uses childadded to lessen the spam. It should auto merge automatically though even without doing it, but just in case.

Auto Click Best Block: Automatically clicks the best block.

Auto Rebirth: Automatically rebirths for you.

Auto Easy Obby: Automatically completes the Easy Obby.

Auto Hard Obby: Automatically completes the Hard Obby.

Auto Lowest Level: Automatically buys the lowest level upgrade

Auto Max Blocks: Automatically buys the max blocks upgrade.

Auto Spawn Time: Automatically buys the spawn time upgrade.


loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

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