Nowait Hub Pet Simulator 99

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Script Credit :- bori9930

Auto Farm Tab:

Auto Farm Coins (Nearest, Highest Hp, Lowest Hp, Normal, Best Zone)

Auto Shoot Balloons (Shoots Balloons and farms gifts)

Force pet to farm coin (setting for auto farm so pets farm 1 coin instead of multi by default)

Auto collect orbs/lootbags 

inf pet speed

auto buy next zone

auto use equipped ultimate

Eggs Tab:

Auto Hatch Eggs (max or any amount)

Auto Hatch Backrooms Eggs (teleports to egg when auto hatch toggled)

Remove Egg Animation (removes animation on egg open)

Minigames Tab: 

Auto Obby (supports minefield and atlantis)

Auto Claim Obby Chest (claims obby chest when auto obby is toggled)

Machines Tab:

Auto Upgrade Potions By Rarity

Auto Upgrade Enchants By Rarity

Auto Make Golden Pets

Auto Make Rainbow Pets


Consumables Tab:

Auto Use Flags

Auto Use Sprinkler

Auto Use Potions

Auto Eat Fruits

Auto Use Coin Jar

Auto Use Party Box

Auto Use Comet 

Auto Use Lucky Block

Auto Use Pinata

Auto Use Toys

Auto Open All Gifts

Auto Open All Bundles


Auto Collect Tab:

Auto Free Gifts

Auto Time Rewards

Collect Shiny Relics (1 time press)

Auto Find Hidden Presents


Misc Tab:

Auto Rebirth (uses rebirth when possible)

Auto Buy All Vending Machines (does buy every loaded vending machine diamond one included (ignore some of them will be added maybe) )

Auto Buy All Merchant (no support for traveling merchant yet)

Auto Collect Spinny Wheel Ticket

Auto Spin Spinny Wheel

Auto Combine All Keys (every key halfs included)


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