[OPEN SOURCE] The Wild West Ore esp

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Script Credit :- Amity#0001

Ore esp

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if disable then disable() end local OreDeposits = workspace:WaitForChild("WORKSPACE_Interactables"):WaitForChild("Mining"):WaitForChild("OreDeposits") local Storage = Instance.new("Folder",game:GetService("CoreGui")) local connections = {} local function highlight(model) if model:IsA("Model") then local OreRemaining = model:WaitForChild("DepositInfo"):WaitForChild("OreRemaining") local BoxHandleAdornment = Instance.new("BoxHandleAdornment",Storage) BoxHandleAdornment.Adornee = model BoxHandleAdornment.AlwaysOnTop = true BoxHandleAdornment.ZIndex = 2 BoxHandleAdornment.Transparency = OreRemaining.Value <= 0 and 1 or 0.5 BoxHandleAdornment.Size = model:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("BasePart").Size BoxHandleAdornment.Color = model:FindFirstChild(model.Parent.Name.."Ore").BrickColor or BrickColor.new("Medium green") connections[model] = OreRemaining:GetPropertyChangedSignal("Value"):Connect(function() if OreRemaining.Value <= 0 then BoxHandleAdornment.Transparency = 1 return end BoxHandleAdornment.Transparency = 0.5 end) end end local function init(Folder) connections[Folder] = Folder.ChildAdded:Connect(highlight) for i,v in next, Folder:GetChildren() do highlight(v) end end for i,v in next, OreDeposits:GetChildren() do if v:IsA("Folder") then init(v) end end getgenv().disable = function() for i,v in next, connections do v:Disconnect() end Storage:Destroy() end

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