Pet Simulator X | Chat Advertisement

Script Credit :- BlastingStone

Automatically send some fancy advertisements for your pets into the chat. Simply change the text within in the script.


local function chat(msg) game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").DefaultChatSystemChatEvents.SayMessageRequest:FireServer(msg, "All") end --getgenv().Toggle = true -- Script Loop -- Cooldown settings: local ChatCooldown = 0.5 local RepeatCooldown = 15 -- Advertisement settings: local PetName = "DM Santa Paws πŸŒŒπŸŽ…" -- Enter the pet name you're searching for local EnchantsWanted = "Royalty or/and Strength 5" -- Enchants you want on the pet local GemAmount = "200kk" -- Enter how much you're willing to pay (in gems) local PetNotForTrade = "HUGE CAT🐱" -- If someone annoys you when you have a cool pet --while getgenv().Toggle == true do chat("❗❗ Buying "..PetName.." ❗❗") wait(ChatCooldown) chat("❗❗ "..EnchantsWanted.." wanted ❗❗") wait(ChatCooldown) chat("❗❗ Paying "..GemAmount.." gems πŸ’Ž for 1 ❗❗") wait(ChatCooldown) chat("❗❗ pls pet πŸ₯Ί = instant mute 🚫 ❗❗") wait(ChatCooldown) chat("❗❗ "..PetNotForTrade.." IS NOT FOR TRADE πŸš«πŸ” ❗❗") --wait(RepeatCooldown) --end

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