Phantom Forces Network Bypass

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Script Credit :- Introvert#1337

Network Bypass


--// get network keys local network_keys = {} local function scan_network_keys(table) for index, value in next, table do if islclosure(value) and not is_synapse_function(value) then for index, constant in next, getconstants(value) do if type(constant) == "string" then local cleansed_string, pattern_matched = constant:gsub("%W+", "") if pattern_matched > 0 then network_keys[cleansed_string] = constant end end end scan_network_keys(getprotos(value)) end end end scan_network_keys(getgc()) --// get network module local network_module for index, module in next, getloadedmodules() do if module.Name == "network" then network_module = require(module) break end end --// function to send normally local function bypassed_send(name, ...) return network_module:send(network_keys[name], ...) end --bypassed_send("falldamage", 100)

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