Swordburst 3 Autofarm

Script Credit :- sploinkied#0
--BROUGHT TO YOU BY RobloxScripter.com!--

local MAX_DISTANCE = 600 -- IF THE DEVS AREN'T BRAINDEAD, THIS WILL CAUSE ISSUES IN FUTURE UPDATES. SAFE SETTING: 50 local AURA_SPEED = 0 -- LOWER: FASTER. -- Blehhh variables local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage") local Systems = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Systems") local Combat = Systems:WaitForChild("Combat") local PlayerAttack = Combat:WaitForChild("PlayerAttack") local Pickup = Systems:WaitForChild("Drops"):WaitForChild("Pickup") local Drops = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Drops") -- Funcs obviously local function GetDistance(Object) assert(Object:IsA("Model") or Object:IsA("BasePart"), "ok retard now it's broken") local Position = Object:IsA("Model") and Object:GetPivot().Position or Object.Position return (Position - workspace.CurrentCamera.Focus.Position).Magnitude end local function Attack(Mob) PlayerAttack:FireServer({Mob}) end -- Auto pickup for i,v in next, Drops:GetChildren() do if v:IsA("Folder") then Pickup:FireServer(v) end end Drops.ChildAdded:Connect(function(Child) if Child:IsA("Folder") then Pickup:FireServer(Child) end end) -- SCHIZO FPS BOOST BECAUSE A SPED CODED THIS GAME workspace.ChildAdded:Connect(function(Child) if Child:IsA("Part") and (Child.Name == "Part" or Child.Name == "DamageNumber") then task.wait() task.spawn(Child.Destroy, Child) end end) workspace.Effects.ChildAdded:Connect(function(Child) if Child.Name == "HitEffect" then task.wait() task.spawn(Child.Destroy, Child) end end) for i,v in next, getgc(true) do if typeof(v) == "table" and rawget(v, "ShowDamageNumber") then rawset(v, "ShowDamageNumber", function()end) end end -- Omg haiii it's the actual killauwa :3 uwu owo x3 nya local Mobs = workspace:WaitForChild("Mobs") while task.wait(AURA_SPEED) do for i, v in next, Mobs:GetChildren() do if v:IsA("Model") and GetDistance(v) < MAX_DISTANCE then Attack(v) end end end

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