trade scam, fake pets|Pet Simulator 99

Script Credit :-

Pet simulator 99: Trade scam, this script allows you to get free huges by trading:)


Here is how it works:


You injecting a script using a cheat(ro-exec, delta, codex, arceus)


You put a pet in the trade


Let the person you are trading to put their pets


You remove your pets from the trade but the pets are still in trade for the other person (But put one random pet so the game wont say that you have nothing in trade)


You accept the trade and the other person accepts


You have his pets and your pets are still in your inventory


Notice: If the game is updated and script isnt working ill update in in about 30 hours so please be patient!


The discord server is being developed guys so no link yet.


Don't scam more than 5 people per day cuz the pet sim devs might get suspicious so be careful.



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